Beware of the Cowboys

Choosing a Reputable Removal Company in London

Dear Customer,

You may have heard of some bad luck stories with hiring man and van services. There are individuals who work as “man and van” who do pray on their customers. This type of unscrupulous trader is not confined to the small ads, but it would be accurate to say that is where most will be found. I have been a victim myself of an unscrupulous van hire company in London.

The vast majority of London’s men with vans are honest and hard-working individuals. There are a small minority who would abuse the trust that a member of the public places in them given the chance. Offences range from knowing they cannot make it on time and pretending they are stuck in traffic through to the more serious offences like double booking and not turning up to the harder or less well paid job. There are also men and vans that are guilty of criminal offences like “losing” your laptop to disappearing with all of your stuff.

We can offer you tips on how to minimise the risks when booking your man with a van. One way would be to hire a van yourself and ask your friends to help. Beware of this approach, as very often hire companies will hire you a van with the intention of keeping your deposit for the van. This did happen to me once. There was a mark on the van and the person booking the van to me said that he did not have to declare it, as it had not penetrated the paintwork. When I returned the van they told me that I had caused the damage. That was a profitable scam for them as it cost me £500, who knows how many others they caught out with the same van/trick? This happened when I hired a van from a company that has offices worldwide and a good reputation. The lesson here is to check the vehicle yourself, insisting that everything is logged before signing the documents.

Another way to minimise the risk of problems with your move is to go to an established removal company with a good reputation. Not all of their employees are the same though. Some of their workers are great, while others can be below average. Nevertheless, you will have to pay top dollar and many man and vans would have done a job as well or better for a fraction the price.

So how do you hire a top performing man and van service? Easy, call or email us!

There are many man and van websites in London that you can google. Most of them provide a very good moving service saving you money, sweat and hassle. It is best to avoid websites that are obviously back street lash ups with spelling mistakes, bad English and spam built into the text (or content illegally copied from other sites). In many cases a bad site is a prelude to a bad service.

Remember, the experience begins with the home page. If the operator of a website has failed to produce his site professionally then he probably has failed to invest in good clean reliable vans with all the accessories needed to do his job properly.

Likewise, if you speak to a man and van who cannot communicate properly on the phone the chances are he would find it difficult to understand you on the day of the move. If this is the case it may end up being a frustrating day for you.”

A person with criminal intentions (in London there is no shortage of them) can easily acquire a van and a SIM card. Once he or she has placed an advert on a classified portal will wait for you to call and once all of your possessions are on the van they will be taken away and sold at a car boot sale or containerised for export. I would never recommend hiring a man and van that you can only trace to a mobile number.

Many legitimate websites have a mobile as the main number, as the person who books jobs is very often the same man who also drives one of the vans. In my case my address can be found on my site. You can also see genuine photos of my vans on my site with their registration numbers clearly visible.

My reasons for writing this letter are to help you decide how you will source your man and van services and also help you assess how you will manage the risks involved with placing trust in a person or organisation you probably do not know. All of our drivers and co-workers have good intentions. We cannot perform miracles, but we are honest and we do work to the best of our abilities. In fact we promise to do our best for every customer.

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