House moving tips

From a house moving company in Surrey, Hertfordshire & London

Moving house is always an emotional time – you might be excited about the new life awaiting you in your new home, nervous that your new neighbours will be forming a thrash metal band, or just feel you have to move and want to get it over with as painlessly and with as little stress as possible.

Remember that even if the act of moving is bound to be stressful to some degree, there are always ways to improve the experience and make things go smoothly.

Here are several tips for moving in Surrey, Hertfordshire, London or anywhere else:

1. Start packing early

We all have items around that we only use occassionally, such as memorabalia and books we know we won’t ever get around to reading. These can be packed weeks in advance of your house move, meaning you’ll have more time to go through your items, order things and decide what you need to keep. If you’re using a removal company, it’s also best to book one early, to ensure they’re available for your required dates.

2. Use some GUTS

On the note of ‘what to keep’ when packing, use GUTS:

  • Give it away
  • Use it
  • Throw it away
  • Sell it

3. Don’t do it alone

Moving house is less stressful if you get friends or relatives to help – particularly people you feel relaxed with who aren’t involved in the move themselves. Ask for help, and if you’re on a tight budget, then ply them with food and drink and offer to return the favour when they next move house.

If you are hiring the services of a removal company, then consider paying for an extra man and the time necessary to help you pack furniture, boxes and valuable items.

4.Get someone to look after the kids

If you have children, then ask someone to look after them or warn them in advance to keep away from you on moving day. Also don’t expect too much from them – this can save much shouting! It’s important to remember that children are also emotional on moving day – they have their own things going on, they may be nervous about moving, or excited about joining the new neighbour’s thrash metal band.

5. Use small or medium boxes

Make sure you can easily carry all the boxes you pack. If you have large cupboards or wardrobes you are moving (that you’re not dismantling first), then if you wish to store other items in them during transit in the van, make sure that these items are also in boxes, so that they can be carried separately into the van.

6.Get a parking permit

If you are moving house in London, or to a built-up area of Surrey or Hertfordshire, then find out what the parking arrangements are and if necessary apply for a parking permit in advance.

7. Visualise the end result

The day before you move spend 5 or 10 minutes visualising the end result – you happily in your new home, feeling content and the removal successfully completed.

8. Use Van Man in LondonĀ as your house moving company

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