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Town / Area:

When you’re moving to S.E. London and Kent, it’s helpful to have a friendly, professional removals company to smooth the move for you.

Property Prices:

Prices vary considerably. A four bedroomed house in Maidstone, for instance, is between £300,000 and £600,000, whilst a typical price in Tonbridge is between £250,000 and £500,000. Gillingham is cheaper with prices between £200,000 and £400,000, whereas Ashford is higher at around £300,000 to £650,000 with Sevenoaks dearer still.

Rental property is readily available, with two-bedroomed apartments or flats in Maidstone or Gillingham going for between £650 and £1000 per month; typical rental prices in Tonbridge are from about £800 per month for the same kind of property.

Local Towns:

Sevenoaks, Maidstone, Gillingham, Tonbridge and Ashford are all within easy commuting distance of London.


The main motorway network to Kent includes the M2 and the M20. There are fast and frequent rail services to both London St Pancras and London Victoria, with journey times of around 1 hour from Maidstone, less from Gillingham, whilst there is a journey time of about 45 minutes from Tonbridge to Charing Cross.

Ashford has a rapid service of approximately 35 minutes into London, with the advantage of being on the Channel Tunnel routes to France.

Both Gatwick and Stansted Airports are within about an hour’s drive, depending on traffic.

KENT Removals

KENT Guide

There has been a long-standing discussion about whether a man from Kent is called a “Man of Kent” or a “Kentish Man”. The definitive answer goes back to the time when directions were given using pub names. Anybody born west of the River Medway was known as a Kentish Man (or woman) because of the name of the pub in Dunk’s Green, west of Maidstone. A Man of Kent was born east of the river, where a pub of that name still exists in Ashford.

Whether you were born in Kent (east or west of the Medway) or want to move house there, you will find something for everyone, from historical Canterbury to the east of the county, the coastal districts of Herne Bay or Whitstable, or the modern marina at Gillingham, which offers outstanding facilities for sailing or cruising on the Medway or the Thames, or further afield to the East coast or Northern France. Having been awarded the coveted Marina Five Gold Anchors, it can be seen that it ranks with the best yachting marinas in the country – a definite draw for keen sailors to move to Kent.

Maidstone is the county town of Kent and, in addition to having an excellent range of shops, is surrounded by beautiful countryside, making it an attractive place to live, especially for families. Leeds Castle, which is well worth a day’s outing, is nearby and, for the more daring, regular hot air balloon trips can be arranged from the grounds. Being on the River Medway, there are a number of water-based attractions, including canoe/camping safaris for the more attractive, interesting riverside walks or sightseeing trips on one of the river cruisers.

Nor do you have to travel out as far as Canterbury to experience a sense of the past. Tonbridge Castle, for instance, has a sometimes violent history going back over 900 years and is famous for being one of the best examples of a Motte and Bailey Gatehouse in the country. Whilst Tonbridge’s population has grown from the small market town of mediaeval times to over 30,000 today. Amongst its claims to fame are the manufacture of gunpowder throughout the 19th Century and being home to an annual beer festival where many samples from local breweries pay tribute to the locally grown hops.

One of the many advantages of moving to Kent is the excellent road and rail links both into London and out to the coast or over to France. There are very few places in the UK where a day trip to the French coast, or even Paris, is a possibility!

KENT Removals

If you are moving to Kent or South East London, there is one less thing to worry about once you have secured the services of a friendly, reliable man and van to handle the removals. Van Man in London, with twelve years’ experience of handling home removals in Kent, Greater London and the Northern Home Counties, takes pride in offering a professional, friendly service for whole house/apartment removals.

So, whether you’re moving from Gillingham to Maidstone in Kent, or from Tonbridge closer in to London, or further out to Folkestone, it is well worth contacting us for a quote, knowing that there are no hidden extras and we will turn up when we say.